Marketing & Advertising

The biggest concern these days is… price really does matter. With the rising costs of living every dollar counts. Z Publication is working harder than ever to make your dollar stretch to meet your budget with more published areas and new exciting avenues to advertise your business. Retention and repetition are keys to a great advertisement. We keep your ad in front of thousands of readers through retention and repetition.

Your Town Magazine distributes 10,000+ copies per issue.

  • 5,000 is the number of copies that are picked up from our drop off locations
  • 3,000 copies are mailed to households with income over $100,000 per year.
  • 2,000 copies are downloaded on our website.

Have you been searching for an advertising medium that can…
…promote your business with the image you require?
…bring you new customers and increased sales?

EDDM – Direct Mail Services.
Target your direct mail campaign by household income, family size, home owners, children, etc….

Gas Station Pump Hose Advertisements / Mini-Billboards,
A typical gas station will have an average monthly visitor count of 38,500. With most people visiting 5 times per month. The average consumer will spend 3 to 5 minutes of time with your brand message. Pump Ads sit eye-level just feet from a captive audience. Pricing is listed below.

Do you need a Website / Hosting / Website Building Software / Domains / Email Marketing?
Call us and let us put together a plan for you, Some pricing is below.

Do you need promotional items printed? Let us take care of all of your printing needs. Contact us today. We can print your Banners, Menus, Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures, Door Hangers, and much more.

Let us design a specific advertising campaign to fit your budget.
If you have any questions contact us at (484) 574-5321 or via email at

  • 1/8 Page Advertisement
    $89 Per Month – 6 Month Minimum
    6 Issue Commitment Price = $69 Per Month 
  • 1/4 Page Advertisement
    $109 Per Month – 2 Month Minimum
    6 Issue Commitment Price = $89 Per Month 
  • 1/2 Page Advertisement
    $139 Per month – 2 Month Minimum
    6 Issue Commitment Price = $119 Per Month 
  • Full Page Advertisement
    $199 Per Month – 2 Month Minimum
    6 Issue Commitment Price = $179 Per Month 

Call For More Details (484) 574-5321

  • Trial Plan $99 Per Month –  3 Month Contract
  • Premium Plan $89 Per Month – 6 Month Contract
  • Pro Plan $79 Per Month – 12 Month Contract

Gas Pump Hose Example

Call For More Details (484) 574-5321

  • Basic 5 Page Website Design & Hosting
    $299 Down & $49 Per Month –  12 Month Minimum 
  • Basic 10 Page Website & Hosting
    $499 Down & $49 Per Month – 12 Month Minimum
  • Custom Websites – WordPress (Call For Pricing)
  • Business Class Email Addresses ($9.99 Per Month)
  • Domain Names ($14.00 Per Year)
  • Website Hosting ($12.00 Per Month)
  • SSL Certificates (Pricing Varies)
  • E Commerce Websites (Pricing Varies)

Call For More Details (484) 574-5321

  • Business Email Blasts
    6,000+ Local Consumers (Our List)
    $89 Per Email
  • Email Marketing Plan
    Your Personal Campaigns (Your List)
    Up to 2,500 Contacts = $39 Per Month (Larger Plans Available)
  • Bulk Mail Services
    Postcard Mailings (Call For Pricing)
  • Printing Services & Promotional Products
    Brochures, Postcards, Menus, Door Hangers, Flyers (Call For Pricing)

Call For More Details (484) 574-5321