Childhood Obesity, Time For Change

The percentage in the United States of Childhood Obesity has been on the rise for many years.   Approximately 1 out of 5 children are overweight or obese.  In 2012, the percentage of obese children skyrocketed to 18%.  It is likely that children who are obese will remain obese in their adolescent and adult years.    Obese children face health risks such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, early heart disease, diabetes, bone problems, acne, skin conditions, and the list continues.

These health risks will continue in their adulthood and heart disease and diabetes is one of the scariest health factors.  Most likely when children who are obese and remain obese through the years, they will develop more stress, sadness and low self-esteem.

Common factors of childhood obesity are genetics, little or no physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, and or a combination of all these factors.

Let’s face it, we live in a society where everything is digital with Ipads, Tablets, etc.  Why do you think that in 1980’s until 2012 the percentage increased so dramatically?  Children are inside playing video games, on social media, as oppose to playing soccer, football, basketball or at the park.  And parents have a huge factor in this.  Children are a resemblance of their parents.  Children are not born obese, they become obese, and you will become your surroundings.  So Parents be the Positive Role Models and take the extra time for healthy meals and playing outside.    YOU NEED TO TAKE THE TIME FOR YOUR CHILDREN SO THEY CAN LIVE A LONG A HEALTHY LIFE!!!

When a child is obese and actions are taken place to change one’s lifestyle, parents are the key factor and need to be extremely supportive to the child.  As a parent you need to accept your child’s weight and guide them through this process of change.  They must understand that this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle.  Communication is very important.  Children must feel comfortable about talking and sharing their concerns of their weight.  Once a child has all the support they need, they are able to do anything. 

Parents should not set apart a child because of their weight with other children.  Parents should involve all children in physical activities.  As a family, parents should change all eating habits and become more physically involved together.  This will teach everyone in the family healthy eating habits and the importance of physical activity.

TIME IS THE KEY.  You must take the time as a parent.  If a child is extremely depressed about their weight, it is highly recommended to talk to an outside source such a nutritionist or therapist.  This will gain the confidence back in a child.  There are many different activities that children can incorporate themselves in to become and stay active.  You must MAKE TIME,  and by looking at your child who is in need of help there are NO EXCUSES NOT TO DO SO.  YOU MUST DO IT.    NOW IS THE TIME, NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE!!!

Laura Grande – Mmaxout West Chester

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